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Why did no-one stop this lunacy?

Dodgy LibDems Mr Parnell RIP

Email sent -
08 June 2014 08:29

Dear FoI Officer

I constantly raised the issue of what was being done to Mr Parnell, amongst other things the cost to the public purse. Did anyone else at the Council do this?

I enclose a link detailing just some of the abuses carried out on him:-,-arrests,-imprisonment.html

And these are some of the many times Mr Parnell RIP attended council meetings to beg for help, which I am in a position to prove. For any meetings he did not attend he was either in a police cell or in prison:-

So, did anyone -
Goddard, Derbyshire, Weldon, Hogg, Roberts, Pantall, Bodsworth, John Smith, Meikle, Majothi, Boylan, Khan, Candler, Lucas, Schulz, Sherwood or any other official or ruling councillor raise the issue of what this was costing in Legal Aid, Magistrates' Court time, Crown Prosecution Service time, Police time, Probation Service time, Crown Court time?

Obviously you can answer this question because in no way does it compromise Mr Parnell's memory or his family to disclose such details.

If none of them did, then I would question their suitability to hold public office.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



And one of the biggest villains in the piece, Mr Parnell's local MP Andrew Stunell.

Mr Parnell also tried to get justice by protesting outside Parliament in 2004.  At no time did anyone help him with his simple but important problem.

Barry Khan, former  Council Solicitor, a man who should have sorted out Mr Parnell's simple problem or allowed me to act on his behalf to stop the never-ending arrests.  Is Khan a fit person to hold public office?

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