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Situation June 2016

Cheshire East Council - Shenanigans

We are the owners of the building as well as running our own business from site known as The Entertainment Centre 10-16 Great King Street.  This building is located inside the Churchill Way car park in Macclesfield (the site where Cheshire East Council  and another new partner will be building a cinema and restaurants etc).

Although originally we were based inside the development site, later at a stroke our site was brutally chopped off (clearly visible on all the new plans), and those responsible now claim that our building is not even on this site, defying all logic and facts.   Originally we were considered to be within the main site and consequently last year we were also going through a formal Compulsory Purchase Order forced purchase process with the council and their preferred developer at the time.   The amount of public monies spent just to keep forming these relationships is scandalous in its own right. After mutually negotiating and forcing us to vacate the promises, including shutting down all the business in our building, the council and their developer decided to back off at the last minute and left us in limbo. Due to the huge, devastating blow delivered to us by this council, we have still not managed to get back on our feet and restart our own
café. As far as we know the  rest of the four businesses never had a chance to get back up and running. At the time we alleged that, in comparison to other parties involved on the same site, we were singled out and put through this unfair treatment because of religious and ethnic discrimination.  In the end the Council won and we were made an example of by being left out of the development and chopped off altogether.  This is despite the fact that we are still sitting inside the main site that will soon be developed. We have made numerous confidential complaints, knocked at many doors but all without any success whatsoever; in the end we were forced to ask question on the What Do they Know website platform, but thus far there is no credible response.

In light of the above background,  please see the evidence below:

Make It Macclesfield Presentation May 2016

Please refer on this link to slides at the bottom of the page, which were presented to the public by Cheshire East's senior officer Jo Wise and the developer ASK Real Estate. It shows that the CEC  leadership, along with their developer, is now furthering their existing alleged discrimination by making plans to create a enclave style concrete/brick wall around our building and businesses; we heard that this is being done to teach us, the first generation minority folks, another lesson for making this issue public.

As there is no accountability and no credible response thus far, Cheshire East Council
has learned that they can act with impunity and nothing will happen to them. We are truly a minority in this town and are being abused by the council with total impunity. We now understand that significant amounts of public monies will be spent to create this, just to keep us out of the new development and create an enclave around us.

In light of above we  have asked for the following information:

1. A copy of the Macclesfield Town Centre Vision Stakeholder Panel’s draft town centre site plans, any emails with regards to this development, minutes of all their meetings and notes of the telephone conversations between the members and Nick Hynes, chair of the panel. We are particularly interested in discussion surrounding building a enclave style wall around us i.e., our building, known as 10-16 Great King Street, Macclesfield.

a) Although the chair and the panel are heavily publicly funded, there appears to be no records of any of their meetings online or indeed anywhere else in the public domain; we  have asked why not?

2. If this wall was proposed by this panel and the new developer, as apparently suggested on the public presentation, then we have asked why this group and the yet another new developer have proposed to build a enclave style wall around us?  Was this decision based on the Chair's and developer's personal views, or is there a documented business case for
segregating us from the rest of the town and this particular development?  We have asked for a copy of any such documents, emails etc proposing this annexation of our building and logic behind it; in other words apart from alleged racial segregation style enclave around our building is there a business case for this wall?

3. We have asked if they could clarify what sort, height or type of concrete/brick wall they are proposing to build around us and will they allow  the same access to our building from all four sides or do they plan to block our customers from reaching us?  We have an existing and historic right of way.   Are they planning to break the law by taking away our right of way at the front, sides and back of the building?

4.  We have asked how much money  Cheshire East Council and their developer will be spending to create this enclave style wall around us?

5. We have asked for their draft or final plans that are so far being kept secret from the public, on the size, scale and nature of this enclave or wall.

6. Due to our suspicions about what they plan to do with on our side of the planned development, we have asked for  information about where they plan to dump all the rubbish from the new restaurants, cinema etc; from public meetings it appears that it is anticipated that as a punishment of being a minority in this town all the rubbish might be dumped on us i.e. next to our building where it will be visible to us but not to the general public using the new development.  We have asked if we  can have  a clear plan of their waste disposal plans for this site.

7. We have asked if Cheshire
East Council is planning to take all these plans through without consulting with the key neighbour, i.e. us! If so, when will this be taking place?

8. The various developers, including new developer ASK Real Estate and the council keep claiming to be working very closely with all the stakeholders.  Clearly as a targeted group of people and institutionally and systematically ignored segment of stakeholders of this town,  we  have request they  provide us with the details/minutes or any other evidence of any direct formal or informal meetings that the council or the new developer had with any of us over the past five years to talk about this development, particularly we have asked for a copy of the minutes of any meeting or a proof of any invitation to any meetings that we have been invited to.  As far as we are concerned CEC and ASK Real Estate’s arrogance and rudeness towards us speaks volumes about the sickness that has engulfed this town and this group. This group has lost any common human decency; while they plan and enclave and all sorts of things on our door step, they engage with the whole town except us, the only key stake holders who are directly affected by this development.  In light of this argument,  we have asked how many stakeholders they have invited to the above mentioned panel and what was the written criteria for this invitation?   hHw many of them are representing any black and ethnic minority communities or how many of them are representing a religious minority or indeed how many of them are directly affected by this development, i.e. based within the proposed site?  We have asked to  have a list with ethnicities and direct relationship with the site; not just politically/CEC funded or having affiliation with the council. Despite living in this town for months we did not even manage to get a single formal meeting with any of the publicly elected people either.   In short,  we  have asked how many local residents, stakeholders and organisations are invited to take part in the focus group of
this development and what was the criterion of choosing those people?

9. How many of the public organisations and individuals invited to the group making decisions on this group are funded directly or indirectly by this council and how many individual public representatives invited to this group are working for the council.

10. Ho
w much money has been paid to the main consultant, the chairperson, and how much has been spent on this group since Councillor Michael Jones (the leader of the Council at the time) set it up?

11. We have asked if there are any plans to submit an application for this development or will this be done some other new way?  If the plan is to start the development in early 2017, we have asked is there  to be any open public consultation or will this be done through council's cronies?   We  have asked for a copy of the  planned time table for any consultation (both with selected people and general public).

We look forward to Cheshire East Council's response and clarification with regards to this planned enclave.

W. Abbasi, E Abbassi

Ask Real Estate Ltd:

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