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North Reddish Labour Councillors

Local people are telling me, and have told me for some time, that the local Labour Councillors in North Reddish won't listen, help or represent them.  Hopefully, with the beady eye of E-democracy upon them, and the thought of losing their council seats at forthcoming elections, we can force them to act.

If they don't wish to represent and act in the interests of the people of North Reddish, they should hold the positions of Councillors for North Reddish.

I have today sent this email and await the responses, should any be forthcoming:-

08 September 2013 04:22

Dear Councillors

Local people are concerned about the high fencing on the Harcourt Street field and what is happening to what is public open space on the Harcourt Street field, drainage problems on Harcourt Street field, what is happening to the North Reddish Schools building and, of course, Reddish Vale.

Certainly, on the first three issues mentioned local voters are met with the response from you that
"there is nothing we can do about it". Well, they need to vote you out and get in place people who are prepared to act on their behalf.

I shall make a page for you all on my website and also on my blogging/ - Stockport Council News. Hopefully, with Twitter and Facebook, we will get across to the people of North Reddish how much or how little work you are all prepared to do for them, which would, no doubt, influence their voting patterns.

I look forward to hearing back from you about the Harcourt and North Reddish School issues and posting up your replies, or lack of them, on the websites.



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