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Councillor Iain Roberts, SMBC

LibDem Councillors

Axiom Tech's website

"Axiom Tech Ltd was incorporated on 23 Jan 2006 and is located in Cheshire. The company's status is active, with a team of 4 directors. Axiom Tech Ltd is split between 10 shareholders. They have no known group companies. Axiom Tech Ltd have total assets of £0 plus total liabilities of £14,204. They owe £14,204 to creditors and are due £8,147 from trade debtors. As of their last financial statement, they had £18,822 in cash reserves. Their book value is £12,829, and the value of their shareholders' fund is £12,829."


Councillor Roberts is in charge of the Bypass project as well as the Portas Pilot.  Heaven help us all!

Stockport Council has yet to spend any of the £100,000 it were awarded last May '
"Watching a Stockport councillor on the
BBC's Newsnight last night explain why 259 people had to vote on every item of expenditure was painful. We need town centre champions, not a committee."

Why put a chap with failed businesses behind him in charge of regeneration?

At the consultation for the toxic waste dump school 78% of respondents cited concerns about traffic.  The traffic reports were not available at consultation, which is a standard SMBC ruse, and at no point subsequently were the concerns over traffic addressed.  Councillor Robers maintains as an Executive Councillor it was "vexatious" of me even to raise the issue.

Within weeks of the opening of the toxic waste dump school the police had complained about the dangerous traffic situation.  To this day, Councillor Roberts as an Executive Councillor, maintains that it is "vexatious" of me to raise this issue - so no believer in open and honest government!

At the planning committee decision stage, the Council admitted the drop off facilities were inadequate. Their solution was to provide a drop off turning circle in which the Council has stated that parents both would and would not be allowed to park.  The Council doesn't own the land on which the turning circle would be placed. They had the opportunity to Compulsory Purchase that land at the same time as CPOing other land for the school,  but declined due to the fact that adding in the turning circle land would take the amount of public open space being taken to that which would necessitate a public inquiry, which the Council knew they would lose.

So, there is no solution to the dangerous traffic situation and all questions on the matter are still banned.  Councillor Roberts, as we have seen, has scant regard for the safety of young children.  

Regarding the special report by Jennifer Williams on 08/09/2010:-

It is inconceivable that the school would actually be built following "failure to detect toxics" - the tests were obviously unreliable especially having failed and caused the reckless plans to go ahead. By then the financial aspects of this new project were too great to resist, especially backed by the extraordinary claim by the Council that the old industrial tip site could be made safe and used.

The Council had commissioned soil tests and found no contamination! There was the influence of the Government grant of £2.2 million already in the till and even spent on something else. But more soil tests, only carried out because the Council had to prove to a diversion of footpath public inquiry that the site was not contaminated found a variety of chemicals - lead, arsenic and brown asbestos. What on earth were the previous experts - Greater Manchester Geological Unit - doing to have missed all this or should the question be who was in the pocket of whom?

Contracters then sifted the deadly material by hand -

Come on! How could they recognise the material, especially when the experts couldn't?

The excellent local MP Andrew Gwynne said they were spending money to save face because the site had to be used.

Councillor Roberts has gone along with the secrecy surrounding this project.


Councillor Roberts has agreed for years that it is "vexatious" of me to have raised issues of drainage on the toxic waste dump school site.  Had this been carried out correctly it would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, according to the Council's own documents.  It wasn't carried out correctly as the photographs below taken on 16th March 2013 show.  This is the community's football pitch (although there are no goal posts and no white lines on the pitch)

Councillor Roberts still agrees that it is "vexatious" of me to ask questions about the drainage of this site.  Is Councillor Roberts a suitable person to hold public office?  I merely ask.


The toxic waste dump school only passed planning, as it was against the town plan, if extensive and superb sports facilities were put on the new site.  As you will see from the photos above, there is nothing there.  Councillor Roberts is complicit in keeping the facts secret. Where did the £600,000 go then?


Dear Mrs Oliver,

I am writing in response to your request for information below (FOI 6942).

As you have previously been informed, your requests for information about the school at Harcourt Street (Vale View Primary School) are considered to be vexatious under section 14(1) Freedom of Information Act 2000 and manifestly unreasonable under Regulation 12(4)(b) Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and will not receive a response. This decision has been through the Council’s internal review process and was upheld. It has also been investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office at your request, on two occasions; the ICO upheld the Council’s decision in both its Decision Notices.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Oldfield
Freedom of Information/ Data Protection Officer & RIPA Coordinator
Stockport Council
Town Hall
Tel: 0161 474 4048
Fax: 0161 474 4006
Need further information? See our Information Management
Confidentiality: This email, its contents and any attachments are intended only for the above named. As the email may contain confidential or legally privileged information, if you are not, or suspect that you are not, the above named or the person responsible for delivery of the message to the above named, please delete or destroy the email and any attachments immediately and inform the sender of the error.

From: Sheila Oliver []
Sent: 17 March 2013 18:44
To: FOI Officer
Cc: Donna Sager; Andrew Webb; Leader
Subject: Toxic Waste Dump school - playing fields
Dear FoI Officer
As I understand it by this weekend all football pitches in the Borough would have been marked out. On visiting the Vale View toxic waste dump site yesterday, their football pitch is not marked out. Please may I know when this will be done and what is to be done about the standing water on the pitch? As you will, no doubt, recall I mentioned drainage problems before the school was built but Goddard, Derbyshire, Weldon, Webb, Sager, Re et al declared my raising those matters as "vexatious". The building of the school was in contravention of the UDP and only scraped through on the promise of all the sporting and community facilities which would be provided.
I have discovered Rupert Murdoch's Twitter account and will post up on it if you refuse to respond to this very reasonable request (as all my requests have been). He might not be interested in LibDem corruption in planning - who knows!

Kind regards


Email sent 17/03/2103 at 14.17

Dear Councillor Roberts

You are involved in bringing in the most far reaching changes to the Cheshire countryside ever. I think it only fair to record for posterity the backgrounds of the people involved with this. I have made an Internet profile of you. I wonder whether you could let me know of any inaccuracies you find in it before I distribute this widely.,-smbc.html

Many thanks and kind regards



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